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Protecting your Family’s Health from Mosquitoes and Ticks since 2011! Indiana’s #1 privately owned MOSQUITO & TICK CONTROL COMPANY and a member of the Indiana Pest Management Association!

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Call us today at (317) 910-0776 or (317) 840-6649  and let us get rid of your mosquitos and ticks now so you can enjoy the outdoors this summer without having to get bitten by dangerous mosquitos and ticks.


Take back your yard with Indiana Mosquito Busters barrier spray treatment for the eradication of annoying and dangerous mosquitoes & ticks.  One professional grade treatment will protect your family from these aggravating pests for up to 21 days with up to a 90% reduction in the number of mosquitoes & ticks invading your yard.

Indiana Mosquito Busters uses a time released mosquito control solution that eliminates adult mosquitoes on contact.  Then, as new mosquitoes attempt to invade your property, they too are eliminated.